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14.03.14 - 09.05.14

The gallery becomes the subject in Wundercamera; an exhibition that explores the nature of museums, collections and display through the lens of fifteen artists who use international galleries and museums as their inspirational source.

Recent Exhibitions


17.01.14 - 28.02.14

Angela Bulloch, Langlands & Bell, Simon Patterson and Mark Titchner


Archive City
04.11.13 - 13.12.13

Photographic work from Gabriele Basilico, Vanley Burke, John Davies, Martin Parr and Edith Tudor-Hart offering contrasting viewpoints of the city, whilst also making unexpected connections.

Schools of Art
23.09.13 - 15.10.13

An exhibition of work from the HfBK Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

Mortality: Death and the Imagination
05.07.13 - 16.08.13

This exhibition brings together the work of seven artists who explore the theme of mortality and the ways in which death appears (or is obscured) through being in the midst of life.

creation/destruction - Anya Gallaccio - Mark Lewis - Rut Blees Luxemburg
12.04.13 - 23.05.13

The works in the exhibition explore different aspects of the relationship between creation and destruction; they establish a thread between the two forces in order to produce something new.

An Exhibition
01.02.13 - 14.03.13

Featuring works by Stefan Brüggemann, Lawrence Weiner, Carey Young and Itinerant Texts a collection of original slide works by twelve international artists.


Screen: Artist Film Series
10.12.12 - 13.12.12

The Gallery space is transformed into a mini pop-up cinema, hosting a different artist film every day at 4pm and 6pm.