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Desert Generation

40 Years of Occupation, 1967-2007

11.04.08 - 14.05.08

Israeli and Palestinian Artists against the Occupation and for a Just Peace.

Desert Generation is a joint exhibition of Israeli and Palestinian artists who oppose the occupation and call for its immediate end. The exhibition opened at the Jerusalem Artists' House on June 5, 2007, 40th anniversary of the 1967 War, and lasted six days. On June 28, 2007, Desert Generation re-opened at the Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. The exhibition was subsequently shown at the Meneer de Wit Gallery in Amsterdam in November 2007.

The exhibition is comprised of hundreds of images sent via e-mail by artists from Israel, Palestine and around the world, in response to a call distributed as an electronic chain letter. The images thus received were printed in size A4 and hung on the gallery walls, without editing or selection.

The images comprising the exhibition represent a generation of Israeli and Palestinian artists doomed to waste their best years in the desert of the occupation. Freedom is indivisible, and as long as Palestinians are deprived of their liberty, Israelis too cannot be free.

Desert Generation is an artists' initiative, with no affiliation to political movements. Its organizers are artists who have been involved for decades in joint Israeli-Palestinian activities against the occupation: Larry Abramson, David Tartakover, Sliman Mansour and David Reeb.

Private View: Thursday 10th April 6-8pm.

The one-day conference 'Art, Visual Culture and the Israeli Occupation' will be held at Manchester Metropolitan University on 10 May 2008 to compliment the Manchester showing of Desert Generation. Speakers will include Larry Abramson, Sliman Mansour, and Anna Dezeuze.

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