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Anatomy of an Institution

18.11.10 - 15.12.10

A photographic portrayal of MMU
By Gavin Parry and Dave Penny

The photographs are a document of the Institution at a time of change and flux. The portraits are a celebration of Individuals; their skills and qualities, and their unique and human personalities. A recognition of their importance in the successful running of a complex Institution.

The photographs are taken with a 115 year old wooden studio camera. Resurrected from its dilapidated state, it has been rebuilt and made operational by the photographers aided by the expertise of the University's technicians. This project has been considered for the camera, and the camera has been considered for the project.

To be recorded or photographed is now an everyday experience, far removed from the sense of magic and wonder that existed in the early Victorian portrait studios. The camera's size, age and well-worn patina elicits a response and intrigue from those photographed, referring to a time where the ritual, preparation and procedures involved in the act of 'being photographed', were more evident.

The exhibition is curated by Jacqueline Butler and supported by MIRIAD.

Open invitations to be photographed by the camera in the gallery space. 2nd and 8th December 10.00am - 4.30pm.

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