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The Gospel According To... (part 1)

16.03.12 - 04.04.12

The Holden Gallery are pleased to present The Gospel According To... (part 1), a new exhibition conceived in collaboration with CUBE's Creative Director Jane Anderson. Through a range of media this show will explore connections between The Smiths (one of the most critically acclaimed and influential bands in British history) and the work of major contemporary European artists.

Among the contributions are Lucienne Cole's Dance to Music, a tap dancing performance to 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now', the work in the exhibition is recorded from the event Fabaret. Lars Laumann's Morrissey Foretelling the Death of Diana employs 'The Queen is Dead' lyrics to translate into a video-installation the conspiracy theory which suggests Morrissey foretold the tragic event of Princess Diana's death. The Holden Gallery is also showing works by Andrew Bracey, Karhu This Charming Man, Jeremy Deller, I Am Human… and I've seen this happen… and Jan Timme whose work 5 Words recalls the B-side of 'Girlfriend in a Coma'.

The Gospel According To... (part 1) coincides with The Smiths' 30th anniversary and will also be showcasing a 'Bootleg Booth' which features rarely seen footage of early live performances by The Smiths (courtesy of Brave Music Agency). We are further delighted to be showcasing an archive of The Smiths photographs by Stephen Wright whose works include the gatefold artwork for the band's penultimate album The Queen Is Dead. This iconic image has become so well-known and highly-regarded that it now forms part of the National Gallery's photography collection.

The selected works in The Gospel According To.. (part 1) demonstrates how artists have employed the bands' cult legacy to re-interpret the music and the humour/tragedy themes often employed in The Smiths songs.

The Gospel According To... (part 2) Thu 12 April, will be hosted at the Cornerhouse to coincide with the exhibition at the Holden Gallery, this panel discussion takes us back, via contemporary art practice, to the Manchester of the early 80s and the emergence of the legendary group The Smiths. This panel looks at the cultural and social politics of the time, the Mancunian music scene in relation to the band, and the context for its re-presentation by contemporary artists.

Image Credits

Lars Laumann, Morrissey Foretelling the Death of Diana, video stills.
Courtesy of Maureen Paley, London.

Lucienne Cole, Dance to Music.
Courtesy of the Artists.