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Full Scale

25.07.16 - 26.08.16

Full Scale looks to transform the main space of the gallery with four works from Martin Boyce, Peter Doig, Marine Hugonnier and Rachel Whiteread.

The works reflect on scale and temporality that goes beyond their appearance. The billboard sized images provide an interesting contrast to the Victorian architecture of the gallery, the scale completely dominates the viewer as you have to move around the space. There is also a contrast in the permanence of the architecture against the temporary nature of the works, each of which will be destroyed at the end of the show.

The exhibition also shows part of the Utopia Station project, which was commissioned for the Venice Biennale in 2003, as well as film works which reflect further on the theme of the show.

22nd July 5.30pm–7.30pm

The works were originally commissioned by the Ingleby Gallery as part of their Billboard for Edinburgh public art and print publishing project (2008 - 2016).

  1. Installation view
  2. Peter Doig, Sailor Bar, 2013
  3. Rachel Whiteread, Untitled, 2008
  4. Martin Boyce, Projectile Sun, 2013