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Interruptions: John Powell-Jones

Technotrash: The Fellowship of Technoid


6pm – 7.30pm

TechnoTrash is a performance exploring the idea of personal realities in an era of fake news and "alternative truths". Specifically, the idea that due to the Neo-Liberal urgency in the West to improve our own individual existence paired with our fetishisation of progress, instilled by governing patriarchal hierarchies, we often ignore the impact and ramifications our actions have on our co-inhabitants and the environment we share with them.

About the Artist

John Powell-Jones' practice deals with themes of perception, power structures and personal reality, an on-going study into the degrees of separation we put in place via screens and lens that act to inform how we perceive morality while distancing ourselves from the suffering and pain experienced by others, heightening our ability to mentally turn ‘being’ into ‘thing’.

Part of the Interruptions programme of free events at the Holden Gallery.