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Interruptions: Dani Abulhawa



Presented by Word of Warning + the Holden Gallery

How are walls felt through bodies and generations? How might political walls be brought down? A performance exploring the experience of restricted movement across borders — real and imaginary, current and historical.

Developed from interviews and research about the ways that people find to circumvent or overcome restrictions, Concord invites you to consider how walls are made, how they’re embodied, and how they might be dismantled.


Free Entry: no booking required, entry is on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited capacity. We encourage you to ‘check in’ on arrival by either scanning an NHS QR code or providing contact details — thanks in advance. We kindly ask audience members to take a lateral flow test before travelling and only attend if you test negative. We also strongly recommend wearing a face covering and socially distancing where possible.
Age Advisory: parental/guardian discretion.
Content Warnings: may cause upset, for specific warnings please click here.
Features: live + recorded spoken word, and choreographed movement.
Please note: Concord is a performance lasting approximately 45-60 minutes in a gallery setting — we advise you to watch from start to finish. Some chairs will be available, alongside room to stand or sit on the floor.

For specific access queries please get in touch by emailing


Concord developed from Dani’s research into political walls and borders, and from her own and her family’s lived experience of the separation wall in Israel/Palestine. She conducted research and interviews with a range of people who have experience of political separation from different contexts across the world — including the Berlin Wall, Korea, Cyprus, China, the US, and others.

Exploring their audio testimonies through movement, Dani developed a series of short choreographies that she performs alongside her father — born in Occupied Palestine in 1955, Jamal is an untrained performer.

With audio material presented alongside movement, Concord is shown within a structure designed to look, feel, and behave as complex and cumbersome as the politics that underpin it.

About the Artist

A British-Palestinian interdisciplinary artist based in Manchester, Dani has been making work since 2005. Her background and training are in performance, movement, and skateboarding; her work often explores the lived experience and politics of specific spaces and places. A Lecturer in Contemporary Applied Performance at the University of Leeds, she’s also co-founder of Accumulations — a Manchester-based collective and supportive network for the development of experimental movement, dance, and performance.


Creator, Performer: Dani Abulhawa

Performer: Jamal Abulhawa

Image by Christian Berger + Dani Abulhawa


With thanks to:

Bob Whalley — dramaturg

Amy Voris + Sara Spies — choreographic development

Tamsin Drury + John Franklin — production & creative development, promotion, project management

Christian Berger — set & production development, sound technician

Veronika Abulhawa — vocal performer, costume & props

Guillaume Dujat — audio mastering

Lee Miller, Shelley Owen + Josh Slater, Latitude participants — early-stage creative development feedback
Jodie Ratcliffe — promotion

Part of the Interruptions programme of free events provided by the Holden Gallery.