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Reflective Stories

14.11.08 - 12.12.08

Reflective Stories is an exhibition that brings together examples of journal/sketchbook work from school-children, students from FE and HE, research students and professional practitioners in art, design, media and other related subject areas. Alongside the exhibition a number of workshops and related events will be available providing opportunity for students and staff to explore ideas generated from the show.

Reflective Stories demonstrates the ways in which artists and designers reveal their thinking and critical reflections on their work through their sketchbook or journal. The exhibition uses examples of sketchbooks/journals that have been used by artists, designers, students and school children in projects or related activities. Selected pages from each sketchbook/journal have been recorded so that they can be presented in a storyboard pattern re-creating a sense of the dynamics of creative thinking and personal reflection. Where possible an example of the resulting work or production from the project will be presented alongside this reconstruction of the sketchbook/journal.

Reflective Stories will include examples of sketchbook/journal practices from school children from Manchester and Salford, students from Foundation Art and Design and National Diploma programmes from across the North West, undergraduate and post graduate students of art, design, media and creative writing from MMU and Salford, and a range of examples of sketchbooks/journals from professional practitoners including painters, textile artists, graphic designers, industrial designers, media artists, jewellers, ceramicists, glass artists, novelists, poets, composers, scientists and archeologists.

Reflective Stories uses the recently created RPN (Regional Progression Network in Art and Design) Archive of sketchbooks and journals that is one of the outcomes of a Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance Special Project.

Opening Night

Reflective Stories will be opened by Professor Simon Lewis PVC and Professsor of Painting at Nottingham Trent University on Thursday 13th November at 6pm.

Exhibition curated by Tim Dunbar.

Photographs on this page by Tony Richards.