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Recent Exhibitions


MA Show 2022 (Part I)
10.09.22 - 15.09.22

An exhibition of work by postgraduate Fine Art, Painting, Embroidery and Textiles students

19.08.22 - 26.08.22

Steve Oliver and Jonathan Whitter

Quartet / Design
25.04.22 - 08.05.22

Showcasing the work of graduates from the Department of Design

Quartet / Architecture
28.03.22 - 10.04.22

Showcasing the work of Manchester School of Architecture graduates

Quartet / Media
03.03.22 - 16.03.22

Showcasing the work of graduates from the media courses

Quartet / Art
27.01.22 - 09.02.22

Showcasing the work of Department of Art and Performance graduates


Fully Awake
05.11.21 - 17.12.21

Curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye for Teaching Painting.

Lothar Götz, Pool
21.07.21 - 21.08.21

Painter Lothar Götz unveils a new, immersive site-specific wall painting filling the Holden Gallery.


Yelena Popova 'The Scholar Stones Project'
07.02.20 - 20.03.20

Working across a range of media including painting, installation and tapestry, Popova’s interdisciplinary project addresses an ongoing fascination with nuclear history and materiality.


Sof'ya Shpurova 'Low Human Activity'
01.11.19 - 13.12.19

Russian artist Sof’ya Shpurova presents a new series of paintings and ceramic sculptures, which derive from an accumulation of influences that span her native country’s connection with historical icon painting and mysticism, as well as other overtly personal references that often depict the artist as a central figure in her work.

MA Show
27.09.19 - 06.10.19

An exhibition of work by design, media and visual culture postgraduate students.

The John Ruskin Prize 2019: Agent of Change
12.07.19 - 24.08.19

Shortlist Exhibition

Simeon Barclay: Life Room
08.02.19 - 29.03.19

Leeds based artist Simeon Barclay's first solo exhibition in Manchester features a survey of existing work alongside new work which responds to the historic collections at Manchester School of Art.


Re: work
05.11.18 - 19.12.18

Žilvinas Kempinas, Jac Leirner, John Wood and Paul Harrison

If you are not a bird
08.10.18 - 19.10.18

Jimok CHOI and Hyungkoo LEE

machines will watch us die
09.04.18 - 11.05.18

Cory Arcangel, Emma Charles, Martin Howse, Rosemary Lee, Rosa Menkman and Shinji Toya

Break in Transmission
22.01.18 - 16.03.18

Meriç Algün, Fiona Banner, Sam Durant, Shannon Ebner and Kerry Tribe


Material Remains
23.10.17 - 15.12.17

Lara Almarcegui, Becky Beasley, Derek Brunen, Cyprien Gaillard,Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

Ruse: the artfulness of deceit
20.03.17 - 19.05.17

Zoe Beloff, Laurent Grasso, Bridget Smith, Clare Strand and Suzanne Treister

Glut: Images, Information and Excess
16.01.17 - 03.03.17

Viktoria Binschtok, James Bridle, Esther Hovers, James Richards, Thomson and Craighead


From Slow to Stop
24.10.16 - 16.12.16

David Claerbout, Joăo Maria Gusmăo and Pedro Paiva, Hans Op de Beeck, Adrian Paci, Hannah Starkey

Full Scale
25.07.16 - 26.08.16

Martin Boyce, Peter Doig, Marine Hugonnier and Rachel Whiteread.

–scape: - constructing nature
11.04.16 - 20.05.16

Fiona Crisp, Hamish Fulton, Laure Prouvost

18.01.16 - 04.03.16

Andreas Gefeller, Dryden Goodwin, Noemie Goudal, Fiona Tan, Katja Strunz and Yang Zhenzhong


Model Behaviour
26.10.15 - 11.12.15

Oliver Boberg, James Casebere, Jordi Colomer, Thomas Demand, Luisa Lambri and Toby Paterson.

10.07.15 - 21.08.15

The idea of Platform is as a site in and around which events take place – a space that is partially activated by the viewer. Featuring work by Jim Lambie and Mark Wallinger.

Trial / Error / Art
16.03.15 - 08.05.15

David Batchelor, Olaf Breuning, Rosalind Nashashibi, Roman Signer, John Stezaker, Guido van der Werve

Not: The Art of Resistance
19.01.15 - 27.02.15

Andrea Fraser, Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Jonathan Monk, SUPERFLEX and Carey Young


(Dis) order - A compulsion to collect
27.10.14 - 12.12.14

Featuring the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay, Susan Hiller, Torsten Lauschmann and Allen Ruppersberg

Urban Psychosis
14.07.14 - 22.08.14

The modern city has frequently been identified through its intensity - a busy and bustling environment of potentially creative and productive activity. For the spectator, this intensity can also tip over into a state in which reality is temporarily obscured. This exhibition features the work of eight artists who have engaged with the theme in contrasting ways.

14.03.14 - 09.05.14

The gallery becomes the subject in Wundercamera; an exhibition that explores the nature of museums, collections and display through the lens of fifteen artists who use international galleries and museums as their inspirational source.

17.01.14 - 28.02.14

Angela Bulloch, Langlands & Bell, Simon Patterson and Mark Titchner


Archive City
04.11.13 - 13.12.13

Photographic work from Gabriele Basilico, Vanley Burke, John Davies, Martin Parr and Edith Tudor-Hart offering contrasting viewpoints of the city, whilst also making unexpected connections.

Schools of Art
23.09.13 - 15.10.13

An exhibition of work from the HfBK Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

Mortality: Death and the Imagination
05.07.13 - 16.08.13

This exhibition brings together the work of seven artists who explore the theme of mortality and the ways in which death appears (or is obscured) through being in the midst of life.

creation/destruction - Anya Gallaccio - Mark Lewis - Rut Blees Luxemburg
12.04.13 - 23.05.13

The works in the exhibition explore different aspects of the relationship between creation and destruction; they establish a thread between the two forces in order to produce something new.

An Exhibition
01.02.13 - 14.03.13

Featuring works by Stefan Brüggemann, Lawrence Weiner, Carey Young and Itinerant Texts a collection of original slide works by twelve international artists.