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Angela Bulloch, Langlands & Bell, Simon Patterson and Mark Titchner

17.01.14 - 28.02.14

The purpose of diagrams is to provide a simple, visual representation of information. Through their use, we attempt to understand and control our surroundings by containing and categorising them within the confines of a visual language. There is a transformative element to a diagram, where information becomes illustrative and embedded with meaning. The exhibition brings together four artists who bring their own interpretation to diagrams. Here, the artists employ diagrams as a way of displaying a personal, idiosyncratic side to a mathematical and systematic format.

Further information about spring term events, including lunchtime concerts presented by the Royal Northern College of Music, and curator-led exhibition tours will be available here in January.

This exhibition is a curatorial collaboration between independent curator Tom Emery and Holden Gallery curator Zoe Watson.

  1. Angela Bulloch, Copper Stack 4, 2012
  2. Langlands & Bell, Logoworks, 1990
  3. Simon Patterson, Last Supper (Sweeper Formation), 1990
  4. Simon Patterson, Mark Titchner and Langlands & Bell