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Interruptions is a number of events, workshops and performances that intersects the Holden Gallery's annual programme of exhibitions. Its short-term format enables different methods of working, allowing invited artists to experiment in the large scale gallery space, and encourages collaborative practice across disciplines in a series of one-off events.

All events are free and open to all.

Past Events

Interruptions: Louise Adkins

This performance is the culmination of a residency at the Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art in Leeds (2018).

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Interruptions: Rory Mullen and Karl Astbury

A performance which will include the discovery of an important historical artefact, a great sea voyage and enthusiasm.

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Interruptions: Tim Brennan

This is the second in a developing series of Brennanís manoeuvres which involves the use of the guided walk form around educational environments to uncover the relationship of walking to the history of teaching and learning.

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Interruptions: Jenny Baines

Jenny Baines devises a series of 16mm film installations followed by a film screening of work by Jenny Baines and invited artists.

Interruptions: K Craig

K Craig presents From The World Without Us, part of an ongoing artistic research project into Cosmic Pessimism, the sublime, mysticism and the End of the World. This audio/visual piece brings together macro photography, digital distortion, ritual film and sequenced samples to respond to ideas of what waits in a world beyond ours.

Interruptions: Sam Meech and Raz Ullah

Analogue meets digital in a series of experimental installations and generative performance using video feedback. There will be a short experimental AV performance by Raz Ullah and Sam Meech, conjuring sound and image to give feedback form, from 6:30pm.

Interruptions: Chris Paul Daniels

Chris Paul Daniels has programmed an evening of sound, video and interruptions with invited guests: Amelia Crouch, Aliyah Hussain, Alice Theobald and Jennet Thomas.

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  1. Rory Mullen, Lying doggo
  2. Claire Hope, The state of being checked
  3. Louise Adkins, Notes for a Performance - (Re) visioning a Smoky Meeting