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Talking Back - Call & Response


A conversational performance from Leo Robinson, Leo Hermitt, Sadé Mica and Chantelle Fagan-Clarke. Sharing thoughts on Cosmic Joy, Gender, Power and Play.

Curated by Leo Hermitt
Leo Robinson (b. 1994, Newcastle-under-Lyme) graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2016. His artistic practice runs parallel to his explorations in spirituality and folklore and his work begins from meditations upon his own identity, attachments and ideals, before questioning how they mirror the wider external world. Leo presented a solo exhibition, Theories for Cosmic Joy, earlier this year at Tiwani Contemporary, London.
Visual Artist Sadé Mica, whose practice explores their experiences navigating the world as a fat, queer, black person and the nuances that brings in fleshing out an identity that is often met with contempt and confusion.
Leo Hermitt artist and curator whose practice explores patterns, relationships, power and time as Black queer transgender person. They are interested in the role of story telling and design in relation to representation and empowerment.
Chantelle Fagan-Clarke artist and writer, interested in personal and magical time intersections.

Part of the Interruptions programme of free events provided by the Holden Gallery.