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Past Events

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Interruptions: Conway and Young

Milk Report

Wei Yuan: Groan, 2013
26.02.21 - 05.03.21

Presented as part of Microneme x Holden Gallery collaborative programme.

Yu Guo: The underlying surface of the city and total reflection of light, 2020
19.02.21 - 25.02.21

Presented as part of Microneme x Holden Gallery collaborative programme.

Li Yu and Liu Bo: Map Location Icon
12.02.21 - 18.02.21

Presented as part of Microneme x Holden Gallery collaborative programme.

Ou Feihong: Contemporary Attack and Defence Scene
05.02.21 - 11.02.21

Presented as part of Microneme x Holden Gallery collaborative programme.

Interruptions: Libby Heaney
03.02.21 - 10.02.21

Agency is the ability to act.

Yang Jian: A Big Metaphor
29.01.21 - 04.02.21

Presented as part of Microneme x Holden Gallery collaborative programme.

Rebirth and Resolution
Online film screenings

28.01.21 - 25.03.21

Three online film screenings which will run on the last Thursday of each month from January – March. Curated and organised by Ghostbots, a collective of final year Filmmaking students

Li Juchuan: Memory 1968
22.01.21 - 28.01.21

Presented as part of Microneme x Holden Gallery collaborative programme.


By Low Profile


DRUMROLL is a new, immersive audio artwork made by artists LOW PROFILE in collaboration with drummer Richard Sharp.

Correspondance / Correspondence

MCR-MTL Online Film Programme

Interruptions: Freya Dooley

Ventriloquy for radio

Interruptions: Barry Sykes

An Introduction to Laughter Yoga

Interruptions: Aliyah Hussain

The sleep of plants

Interruptions: ARM


An audio-visual performance with references to theatre, installation, sound and cinema.

Interruptions: John Powell-Jones
Technotrash: The Fellowship of Technoid


A performance exploring the idea of personal realities in an era of fake news and "alternative truths".

Interruptions: Nick Jordan
Concrete Forms of Resistance


Filmed in Tripoli, Lebanon, Concrete Forms of Resistance is a documentary centred upon the city’s abandoned ‘Permanent International Fair’, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in the mid-1960s.

Interruptions: Bryony Gillard and invited guests
Slippery, Sticky, Wet


Slippery, Sticky, Wet is a screening programme curated by artist Bryony Gillard taking it's point of departure from Gillard's new moving image work, Unctuous Between Fingers, which explores ecologies of care and ideas of co-worlding through the lens of seaweed.



Rowland Hill and Jack Sheen are a girl-boy artist duo whose work amalgamates existing material into long-duration performances. Their new piece, Opera, borrows from one of history’s most particular yet vague cultural oddities, pirouetting along the lines of performance and sculptural installation.

Talking Back - Call & Response

A conversational performance from Leo Robinson, Leo Hermitt, Sadé Mica and Chantelle Fagan-Clarke. Sharing thoughts on Cosmic Joy, Gender, Power and Play. Curated by Leo Hermitt

Claire Hope: Human but not practiced

An actor performs different physical states, questioning what it means to exist, act, assume or relinquish control.

Foreign Investment: HAPPY HOUR!

HAPPY HOUR! is an interactive live art event inspired by weather reports, swinging between normality and crisis mode in the summer of 2019, a summer of surging temperatures, burning Tundra, deforestation and rapidly melting Greenland ice.

Interruptions: Louise Adkins
Notes for a Performance - (Re) visioning a Smoky Meeting


This performance is the culmination of a residency at the Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art in Leeds (2018).

Interruptions: Rory Mullen and Karl Astbury
Lying doggo


A performance which will include the discovery of an important historical artefact, a great sea voyage and enthusiasm.

Interruptions: Tim Brennan
Peripatos Manoeuvre #2


This is the second in a developing series of Brennan’s manoeuvres which involves the use of the guided walk form around educational environments to uncover the relationship of walking to the history of teaching and learning.

Interruptions: Jenny Baines
Series of 16mm film installations and a screening by Jenny Baines and invited artists


Jenny Baines devises a series of 16mm film installations followed by a film screening of work by Jenny Baines and invited artists.

Interruptions: K Craig
Installation and A/V performance by K Craig


K Craig presents From The World Without Us, part of an ongoing artistic research project into Cosmic Pessimism, the sublime, mysticism and the End of the World. This audio/visual piece brings together macro photography, digital distortion, ritual film and sequenced samples to respond to ideas of what waits in a world beyond ours.

Interruptions: Sam Meech and Raz Ullah
Audio visual performance


Analogue meets digital in a series of experimental installations and generative performance using video feedback. There will be a short experimental AV performance by Raz Ullah and Sam Meech, conjuring sound and image to give feedback form, from 6:30pm.

Interruptions: Chris Paul Daniels
Film screenings


Chris Paul Daniels has programmed an evening of sound, video and interruptions with invited guests: Amelia Crouch, Aliyah Hussain, Alice Theobald and Jennet Thomas.


Screen: Artist Film Series
10.12.12 - 13.12.12

The Gallery space is transformed into a mini pop-up cinema, hosting a different artist film every day at 4pm and 6pm.