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Rebirth and Resolution

Online film screenings

28.01.21 - 25.03.21

Join us for a series of three online film screenings which will run on the last Thursday of each month from January – March. The screenings will be streamed via Twitch. This year’s annual film programme is curated and organised by Ghostbots, a collective of final year Filmmaking students.

The purpose of this series is to promote authentic stories while focusing on underrepresented artists. Our programme prioritises, though is not limited to, artists and creators from rural areas, or those who do not typically show their work in gallery spaces. Rooted in unique storytelling, the work ranges from sci-fi animations to narrative music videos, covering the themes of hope, dreams and visions of the future.

The programme divides the works into three screenings:

Thursday 28 January, 6 – 7pm

REBIRTH: A period of new life, growth, or activity; a revival. Rebirth celebrates artists working with new media technologies and the changes they are making in the ways that art is made, consumed and understood. ~ Positivity. Dreams. Desires.

Thursday 25 February, 6 – 7pm

RESOLUTION: The action of solving a problem or contentious matter. Resolution explores the future of art, its inclusivity, sustainability, and adaptability to social change. ~ Sustainability. Change. Action.

Thursday 25 March, 6 – 7pm

Reciprocity [OPEN CALL] – We are taking entries for our Open Call screening; this is not limited to Manchester School of Art students and we welcome submissions from all backgrounds. Please contact the team at if you wish to submit a work for consideration.