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Interruptions: Tim Brennan

Peripatos Manoeuvre #2


This is the second in a developing series of Brennan’s manoeuvres which involves the use of the guided walk form around educational environments to uncover the relationship of walking to the history of teaching and learning. The project began in Spring 2018 at the Critical Creative Writing symposium, Newcastle Unversity and part 3 will be presented at the University of Dundee in May 2019 as a keynote section of The Materialist Pedagogies Symposium.

There are two walking tours taking place on Tuesday 30 April 2019, starting in the Holden Gallery.

  • 4pm
  • 6pm

They are free and no booking is necessary.

Since the early 1990’s Brennan’s practice and research into the politics of place has surfaced as performance, sculpture, photographs, painting, and writing. Whilst a lecturer in Visual Performance at Darlington College of Arts in the early 1990's Brennan began developing a methodology for the guided walk as a discursive performance that he terms the 'manoeuvre'. Each 'walk' involves the collision of quotations with stopping points (stations) along a predesigned route. This approach differs from the conventional guided tour, wrenching the participant/’percipient’ (Myers) into new imaginative and socially charged perspectives of place. 

Over 50 of these walks have been produced internationally with 10 publications including: 'Museum of Angels' (The British Museum, 2003), 'Vedute Manoeuvre' (54th Venice Biennale, 2011), ‘A Fayre Manoeuvre’ (Manchester Art Fayre, 2018).

Tim Brennan (b.1966) is an independent artist. His concerns lie in the area of art’s politicized relationship to performance, space, place, writing, image making, archives, and artist editions. Brennan has exhibited internationally over the last 30 years, including the 50th and 54th Venice Biennales, Interzone Performance Biennale in Quebec, Canada and The British Museum, London. He has published extensively with over 15 monograph publications and into multiple academic journals. Tim Brennan is Professor of Art and Head of the Department of Art at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Peripatos (Noun)

Ancient Greek History

The walk in the Lyceum where Aristotle taught. Also: the Aristotelian or Peripatetic school of philosophy.

Part of the Interruptions programme of free events provided by the Holden Gallery.