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Interruptions: Bryony Gillard and invited guests

Slippery, Sticky, Wet


6pm – 7.30pm

Slippery, Sticky, Wet is a screening programme curated by artist Bryony Gillard taking it's point of departure from Gillard's new moving image work, Unctuous Between Fingers, which explores ecologies of care and ideas of co-worlding through the lens of seaweed. The programme brings together a series of contemporary and herstorical short film works by womxn artists that explore relationships with our more-than-human-world, challenge binaries and reclaim sliminess and its cultural and social connotations.

Films in order of appearance

Sophie Mallett - Our Gelatinous Past, 2018,
HD video; found footage, 19:06, colour, sound

Jayne Parker - RX Recipe, 1980,
16mm transferred to digital video, black and white, sound, 12:00

Bryony Gillard, Unctuous Between Fingers, 2019,
HD video, 15:00

Vicky Smith - Noisy Licking, Dribbling, Spitting, 2014,
16mm transferred to digital video, colour, sound, 4:00

Olga Koroleva - Softshell, 2017,
Digital video, silent, 3:06

Carolee Schneemann - Vesper's Stampede To My Holy Mouth, 1992, Video, 15:00.

About the Artist

Situated between writing, workshops, video and exhibition making, Bryony Gillard’s practice reflects upon events, approaches and ideas that refuse to be pinned down or categorized. Through a process of both uncovering and layering influences, histories and conversations, her work attempts to create a space for genealogies of intersectional feminist practice that are elusive, messy and entangled in contemporary concerns. Bryony has an MFA from the Dutch Art Institute, School for Art Praxis and supports her practice by working as an educator, arts administrator and curator. Her work was included in the Tate touring exhibition, Virginia Woolf: an exhibition inspired by her writings and recent projects include Slippery Bodies, Flatland Projects (Hastings), A Place That Fosters Us, De Pimlico Projects (London) and a major new commission with RAMM (Exeter).

Part of the Interruptions programme of free events at the Holden Gallery.

  1. Bryony Gillard, Unctuous Between Fingers
  2. Sophie Mallett, Our Gelatinous Past, 2018, Video Still, HD Video, 19'06''