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An Exhibition

01.02.13 - 14.03.13

Preview: Thursday 31 January, 6pm-8pm

An Exhibition [an] [ek-suh-bish-uh-n] Noun

1. A space that needs to be filled

2. An interaction between artist, audience, curator and the gallery

3. A conversation about the use of language and communication through the display of art

An Exhibition features works by Stefan Brüggemann, Lawrence Weiner, Carey Young and Itinerant Texts a collection of original slide works by twelve international artists.

Any gallery always starts from the same point, that of emptiness, a space which needs to be filled. An Exhibition draws attention to that process and makes an explicit connection to the ways in which galleries work. One of the most important elements of any exhibition is that of communication between art work and audience. Each of the artists taking part has produced a body of work which questions the nature of information and the way in which we interact with the gallery space.

An Exhibition opens up a conversation about the use of language and communication, as well as the relationship between artist, audience, curator and institution. Included in An Exhibition are two seminal text works by the key conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner. Carey Young has previously collaborated with business consultants and think tanks; her work often centres on notions of communication and language through her explorations of corporate culture. Works in the exhibition make use of humour and irony, some even challenge why they are there. Stefan Brüggemann consistently produces text based works that are often ambiguous, challenging and subversive. An Exhibition also includes Itinerant Texts, a set of original slide works by twelve international artists including Angela Bulloch, Tacita Dean, Tracey Emin, Douglas Gordon , Joseph Kosuth, and Simon Patterson. These artists have created works that comment on travel, transience and the nature of site-specificty.

175 Anniversary

This event is one of 175 publically accessible events and exhibitions that took place in the UK and overseas throughout 2013 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Manchester School of Art.

  1. Carey Young, Positive Buzz, 2001
  2. Lawrence Weiner, As Long As it Lasts, 1993
  3. Stefan Bruggemann, Show Titles, 2013 and Lawrence Weiner, A Translation from One Language to Another, 1969
  4. Stefan Bruggemann, Show Titles, 2013 and This Is Not Supposed To Be Here, 2001