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18.01.16 - 04.03.16

Andreas Gefeller — Dryden Goodwin — Noemie Goudal — Fiona Tan — Katja Strunz — Yang Zhenzhong

The sensation of being up high can bring a sense of exhilaration and fear in equal measure. It can also encourage a feeling of control over what we see. To be down in the midst of things is to be caught up in the immediacy of the moment, supposedly a more grounded place to be. Though, neither places are perhaps quite what they seem. The exhibition works as a site where the perspectives of both up and down are tested out.

Download Exhibiition Booklet (PDF)

  1. Installation view
  2. Fiona Tan, Lift, 2000
  3. Dryden Goodwin, Poised, 2012 – Watch trailer (2:35 min)
  4. Katja Strunz, Fall into Space, 2007