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Memory and Movement

Chi Peng and Wang Fu Chun

19.10.12 - 22.11.12

Bringing together works by artists Chi Peng and Wang Fu Chun, the exhibition features two photographic series that explore contrasting themes in contemporary China.

Chi Peng places himself at the centre of his work, exposing his inner thoughts and dreams through photography. As a response to the dynamism and rapid progression of 21st century China, Chi Peng chooses to focus on the notion of the individual, exploring themes of identity, isolation and freedom. In his most recent collection, 'Mood is Never Better than Memory,' Chi Peng presents meditative seascapes that depict his hometown, Yantai, Shandong Province, China. These large-format panoramic photographs create poetic narratives which evoke feelings of illusory love, solitude, and memory.

Wang Fu Chun has spent decades capturing the diverse range of people and experiences that the artist encountered on the vast network of the Chinese rail system. Whilst travelling over 100 thousand miles by train, and taking nearly 10 thousand rolls of films, these images can be read as a metaphor of a congested and transitory China. The exhibition shows 25 images from this vast body of work, each one representing a different location.

The exhibition is courtesy of M97 Gallery, Shanghai, and 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing and is supported by The Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester, the North West's leading hub for Chinese language learning and cultural dissemination. Visit their website at