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Microneme x Holden Gallery

The pandemic has necessitated a shift from the gallery space to digital platforms, and the Holden Gallery is delighted to be partnering with Microneme in Wuhan for a new digital exchange project as part of the ‘Digital Connections through Culture’ Initiative.

Microneme and the Holden Gallery have a shared ethos of supporting artists through the production and experimental presentation of new work. Over the next 6 weeks we will be collaborating through mutual promotion, spotlighting artists from Manchester and Wuhan on our digital platforms and introducing their work to new international audiences. This exchange will take place on our social media platforms and website between 22nd January and 5th March; new work will be shared each Friday at 1pm (8pm in China).

Microneme Rooftop Art Project is run by Wei Yuan who is a performance artist and Lecturer at the Jackie Chan School of Film and TV at Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences. Microneme is dedicated to creating an open, free, experimental space for presenting contemporary art.

Thanks to our participating artists: Jenny Baines, Kevin Craig, Ou Feihong, Yu Guo, Rowland Hill & Jack Sheen, Aliyah Hussain, Yang Jian, Li Juchuan, Sam Meech & Raz Ullah, Li Yu & Liu Bo and Wei Yuan.

Work Featured Online

Li Juchuan
Memory 1968

Yang Jian
A Big Metaphor

Ou Feihong
Contemporary Attack and Defense Scene

Li Yu and Liu Bo
Map Location Icon

Yu Guo
The Underlying Surface of the City and Total Reflection of Light

Wei Yuan

The ‘Digital Connections through Culture’ exchange is a pilot scheme brought together by Manchester Network for Creative and Cultural Collaboration with China (MANCCC) and the British Council in China and the England and Cities team based in Manchester. It uses digital technologies to connect cultural leaders and creative practitioners and organisations in Manchester and Greater Manchester with their counterparts in key target cities in China.

The Holden Gallery   Microneme

Microneme rooftop space

The Microneme rooftop space in Wuhan.